What is Tiny Ipsum?

Tiny Ipsum is a small, easily accessible menu bar application for Mac that gives you quick access to a large array of placeholder text, also known as Lorem Ipsum – or simply Lipsum.

What can I do with it?

Quickly copy a set of words, sentences, or paragraphs in a ready-to-paste format. Choose from a variety of built-in Lipsum presets, or create your own using a custom pool of words. Change the colors by choosing any of the built-in Style presets or come up with your own theme. Quickly change the active Lipsum and Style presets from the main menu.


  • Create your own Lipsum presets using only the words you want.
  • Allow spaces in your preset word pool for more thematic cohesion.
  • Enable the option to always start with a specific phrase of up to five words.


  • Name your custom themes, something catchy and concise.
  • Allow spaces in your preset word pool for more thematic cohesion.
  • Change button size to suit your style: small, medium, large, x-large


  • Automatically start Tiny Ipsum when you log in.
  • Toggle the display of Numbers and/or Preview Labels on the menu buttons.
  • Optionally display a notification upon choosing placeholder text
A quick and elegant way to copy custom placeholder text.
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