Feeling that the noise of the big city is too much for you to bear? Just turn on the sound and allow yourself to become engulfed in the tranquil sounds of nature. Whether you wish to feel as if you’re sitting near a fireplace under a cozy blanket, or that you’re meditating on a desolate sea shore as gusts of wind ruffle your hair, Noizio will be there to set the mood. With this ambient sound equalizer, not only will you be able to relax, but you will also increase your productivity, as you’re trying to concentrate on your work!

Simple settings

All settings are intuitive and simple to understand. Choose whether you wish Noizio to start running as soon as you turn on your computer, or whether you want to see its icon on the dock..

Developed for macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave is the world’s most advanced OS to date. Thus, we made an effort to ensure that Noizio runs on it like a charm. Therefore, no matter which Mac OS you’re using, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that Noizio can create.

Wide range of sounds

Starting is quick and easy

Just click on the icons, which represent different ambient sounds, and drag the slider to increase or decrease the volume of the sound. This way you can choose a dominant noise sound in the background.

Launch on start

You can set up Noizio to start running as soon as you turn on your computer, in order to save you time on opening it up manually.

Noizio is an ambient sound equalizer that helps you relax and increase your productivity when as you’re trying to concentrate on work! 🙇
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