Start or stop containers

See which containers are running and which have stopped. Conveniently start or stop any container directly from the menu bar.

E.g. quickly switch between web server containers (port 80/443) of different projects.

Automatic groups

Containers are grouped automatically if the name of the container (or its image) contains multiple underscores.

Works great for docker-compose projects.

Kill now

Hold ⌃ control to kill a container instantly. Waiting for containers to stop gracefully is usually a waste of time.

Use at your own risk: some containers stop gracefully for a good reason!

Open in browser

Hold ⌘ command to open a container in the browser. Useful if you don’t want to bookmark or remember development URLs.

Tip: Define an OPEN_IN_BROWSER container environment variable to set a custom URL.

Pause or unpause

Hold ⇧ shift to pause or unpause a container, in case you ever need to.

…Who actually pauses containers?

Quickly copy IDs

Hold ⌥ option to copy a container ID. A true timesaver in the rare moments that you need to go back to the terminal.

E.g. CLI tasks like building and sh-ing into containers become less typo-prone.

Remove unused

Hold ⌃ ctrl + ⌥ opt + ⌘ cmd together to remove a stopped container.

Tip: Running low on disk space? Learn about docker volume|container|network|image prune for mass-removing dangling resources.

  • Using Docker 1.13.1
    • Open “getcaptain.localhost”
    • node
  • Check for Updates…
  • Quit Captain⌘Q
Manage Docker containers. Instantly from the menu bar.
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