Block unwanted data hogs

Only apps that you’ve selected are allowed to access the Internet. The rest is blocked.

Save data automatically

TripMode activates itself on networks where you’ve turned it on before. Set it, then forget it.

Track your data usage

See the data used per app,  session, day, and month. Spot the data hungry apps.

Set the limits*

Set a daily/weekly/monthly cap. All traffic stops when you reach it. Never exceed your data limit again!

Schedule it*

Plan on what day(s) of the week and time TripMode should turn itself on automatically.

TripMode helps you save data and money. Use your bandwidth only for what matters to you. Browse faster on slow networks.
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Focusey is an incredibly simple to use and effective timer and checklist app for the Pomodoro Technique.

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Ping Man

👀 Always keep an eye on it, it’s displayed on your menu bar.
⚡️ Check which apps consume the most network.
✏️ Change the URL you want to ping

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Timey 3

The simplest timer and stopwatch possible. It shows up in the menubar. Click to start or pause, right-click to reset. Click on the settings button to change time, load a preset, customize global keyboard shortcuts and more.

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